Watermelon Gender Reveal Party

This past Saturday my husband and I hosted a gender reveal party for our little baby to be born in November. My husband really wanted to do something fun and exciting for the reveal, since with my daughter we just did a cake. He was really pushing for the firework idea. However, after some investigation… there wasn’t really a safe place to launch the firework from, since I didn’t want to be near all the harsh chemicals they contain.

So instead, I thought to myself… “What’s a little more exciting than cutting into a cake?” I looked around and decided on creating my own confetti poppers. They were super easy to create and we all loved popping them to find out what the sex of our baby is (which is a BOY)! If you would like to read how I created my own DIY Confetti Poppers, check out Joie Magazine where I’ve written a blog post on how fast you can create your own, for any kind of event (including wedding send-off)!

I’ve included some pictures from our mini shindig for you to enjoy. We went with a watermelon theme since it was the first day of summer, I’m carrying a “mini-watermelon,” and it’s my husband’s favorite fruit! We included watermelon-limeade smoothie, a watermelon cake (yes the ones with real watermelon inside), watermelon cupcakes, as well as some cute little watermelon favor bags. It went pretty well for throwing it all together within the last week or so! Thanks to all those who were able to attend. We had a blast!

Please keep in mind, while viewing these pictures that I am neither a baker nor a photographer. 😉

IMG_4268 IMG_4270 IMG_4274 IMG_4339 IMG_4343 IMG_4338 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4245 IMG_4262



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