Come November… | Personal Update


Yup, that’s right… come November, our little munchkin will be a big sister! So, not only have I been busy working on my business, raising an 18th month old, and planning my own gender reveal party, but I’ve also had the joy of handling all the shenanigans that come with pregnancy. It’s been a little crazy around our house, but it’s also been a fun and exciting time.

Since my husband has been working extra long hours at work, we barely have any time to plan a gender reveal party… so I guess that leaves the planning up to me… I guess that’s okay, right? A lot of people are also asking if I’m hoping for a boy this time around, since I already have a girl, and honestly, I know it may sound crazy, but I really don’t have a preference. I would love either for different reasons.

So, as seeing that “Baby L” (both boy and girl’s name start with an “L”) is due mid November, I have decided to not take on any new clients in November or December. I know this may sound crazy, but I believe my number one calling in life is to devote my time to my family and make sure that “Baby L” is healthy and happy before I have any big events to attend to. Thanks all for your understanding, and I’m hoping to add some early Autumn and late Winter clients to my 2014/2015 list.



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