Bicycle Themed Wedding

Have you seen this bicycle craze going on? It’s in everything from children’s clothing to home décor, and a lot of brides want to bring it to their big day. Bicycles bring such a merry and whimsical feel to the wedding. And the bicycle theme can go further than just a fun and unique photo session. You can also use an old bike as wall décor for the reception site, as well as place the escort cards into the spokes of the wheels for guests to find. Having troubles trying to figure out how to incorporate the theme into the favors? How about customizing some bicycle bells. Whenever your guest goes on a bike ride they will be reminded of your special day. The easiest way to integrate bicycles into your wedding day is with the stationary, be it Save the Date cards, Invitations, Ceremony Programs, Escort Cards, Menus, etc. (you get the point).  I, myself, decided to take on the challenge and create a simple wedding invitation to show you how charming this theme can be. IMG_4070


Stamped images copyright of Stampin’ Up (R). Typography created by My Digital Studio, also available by Stampin’ Up (R).


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