Transparency Trend

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 10.13.12 PMDo you want to add a modern feel to your wedding ceremony and reception? How about adding some transparency! Yes, that’s right. It’s called Lucite Furniture, and it’s all the rage this year. Lucite lets you create a floating look to your wedding decor. Although it definitely adds a modern kick to your design, it can be used interchangeably with many different wedding styles. It looks great with pure whites and creams, but also can be used with a pop of specialty lighting. I literally could show you thousands of pictures of Lucite furniture, simply because it comes in almost anything imaginable. I dare you, type in Lucite in your search bar, or yes, even Pinterest and you will be amazed at all you can find.

But Lucite Furniture isn’t the only thing that’s clear this year. How about using a clear tent for your outdoor wedding this summer? Clear tents create an ambience of airiness, even when the dance floor is far too overcrowded. It’s perfect for those crystal clear evenings under the stars and also lets guests view the breath-taking landscapes.Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 10.19.35 PM

Both clear tents and Lucite Furniture are a great way to showcase your wedding style. So whatever that is, think about adding some transparency to your day.


Photo Credits:

Lucite Cake Stand- Sweet and Saucy Shop

Lucite Chivari Chair- KT Merry Photography

Day Clear Tent- Liz Banfield

Evening Clear Tent- Gideon Photography


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