How Can I Get My Fiance to Help Plan The Big Day?


A common misconception is that a fiancés only job is to show up at the wedding ceremony. However, we all know that planning a wedding can be a rather large project (definitely enough for a couple to share), and many fiancés would actually enjoy the opportunity to take part in the planning.  Here are a couple ways that your fiancé may appreciate helping.

  • Food- Men love food, right? Definitely have them come to the menu tasting your venue offers, as well as the cake tasting. I honestly can’t think of any guy that wouldn’t jump on board for these two meetings.
  • Music- If you are planning on having music at your reception, be it a live band or a DJ service, let your fiancé scope out a couple options and have you both decide on a final selection.
  • Carpentry- Is your future husband good with his hands? Have him create a huppa for the ceremony or a nice wooden table to place the unity candle/sand ceremony on.
  • Vows- Many couples are writing and reciting their own vows. This is a great way to involve your fiancé in the wedding, and will also create a lasting memory to cherish for years to come.
  • Attire- Obviously, have your fiancé and his groomsmen take on the responsibility of picking out their tuxes and/or suits. Hopefully you can trust the boys to not pick out something outlandish.
  • Transportation- Not only do most men like food, but they also love cars. Have your guy pick out the limo, horse-drawn carriage, antique car, or another mode of transportation to bring you both to the reception.

Don’t be afraid to ask him to help out with other areas of the planning process. However, if you feel strongly about something (like wedding colors) give him a couple different options to chose from, that you can live with, so you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. This is a great way to involve your fiancé without making him do extensive research and ultimately not have any interest in the process.


Photo: Rebekah Westover Photography


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