Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I just wanted to share a quick and easy project that you could create for almost anyone and for any occasion!

I have a family friend that is amazing at creating monochromatic gifts. Every part of the gift always has the same color scheme (even the presentation) and has a special meaning behind it. This Valentine’s Day I wanted to create something special for my husband. When getting gifts for my husband, sometimes I fail and buy what I think he should have, rather than a couple things that he would actually like. I often hate buying food and beverages as gifts because I know in the course of a couple days they will be completely gone. However, I guess that is the way to a man’s heart, right? So this Valentine’s Day I gave in and bought him his favorite drinks (Izze) and some Lindt chocolates, plus some of his favorite body soap (cuz at least that’s practical!). I bought the pallet box at a local craft store, painted it, and added the bunting for a Valentine’s Day kick. I put $25 into the gift and I think ultimately he loves it even more than one of my regular “let’s buy him a shirt” gifts, plus I think it looks super cute!

P.S. Please disregard my iPad pictures… Didn’t have the time to whip out my real camera this morning while trying to feed my daughter breakfast!





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