ColorLove|A Piece of Florida Sunshine

taryn_colorscheme_boysblueBeing a Florida girl for almost three years has made me miss what it feels like to actually feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face and see the fresh lush grass growing year-round. So in memory of my Florida season, this ColorLove post uses a palette from a shoot I set up in my old  backyard. Hopefully this inspires those who have Spring and Summer weddings and soirees.

I would encourage brides to try and break free from the Tiffany blue mold, and go for brighter and more vibrant hues. Don’t be afraid to use these brighter colors in Spring and Summer months, as they are perfect for practically any occasion (at least in moderation). This is a refreshing group of colors that evoke a stimulating and lively atmosphere, perfect for those who wish for an outdoor occasion full of laughing and dancing.



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