ColorLove| Whimsical Tones


What do these three colors have in common, besides being used at my Valentines Day Shoot two weekends ago? They are an unlikely grouping of colors that when used together can create bold patterns and exquisite designs.

The golden yellow has some gorgeous tones; it’s one of the few yellows I would consider using for an evening wedding or corporate event. It’s “black-tie friendly,” while also adding a pep to your color scheme. It’s polished luxuriance is becoming more influential in today’s arrangements and designs.

“Purple Mountain Majesty” has been a Crayola Crayon color since 1993, however it is more commonly viewed as a medium lavender gray. This color is very versatile and can be used for both high class events and rustic-earthy weddings. Its adaptable color can be worn with many different skin and hair colors (great for your bridesmaids!). There are also hundreds of floral options available with this color.

Light gray. One of the most commonly used neutrals in today’s weddings and events, I even wrote a blog about this stately color (see my blog post about the color gray here). Pantone deems it as an up and coming color for this Spring. I don’t believe you can ever go wrong with this color, and it helps tie both the golden yellow and purple mountain majesty together without overtaking your soirée with another bold tone.

Although maybe not often seen, these colors create a mature pop of fun and whimsy.


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