Happy New Year!

blog stephane rita photo boston family photo_0095This past year has been jam packed with changes. To start it off my husband and I had a precious baby girl to cherish and take care of, and from that life changing experience I decided to quit my full time job and pursue wedding and event planning (so I could do the two things I most love and feel called to do, primarily being a mother, and secondly pursuing my dream of wedding and event planning). My husband was so supportive and sent me to Orlando to get certified as a wedding planner by the Bridal Society. Not only did my husband and I take on these major lifestyle changes, but in late September we decided to take on one more challenge for the year… We decided to return back to our roots and move back to New England. This was honestly probably the most drastic change. We had lived in South Florida for almost three years, and I had just began my event planning business. However, we agreed that the pros outweighed the cons and that our daughter would benefit being near both her grandparents and also knowing what snow is. Since our move the last couple months have consisted of us establishing my business in the area, celebrating our daughter’s first birthday, and trying to figure out our family’s new “normal” here in New England.

So for 2014 I decided to publish my dreams and aspirations, personal and professional, so my readers can both know what my plans are and help keep me accountable to reaching my goals.


  • Lose the baby weight… But more importantly live a healthier lifestyle by working out every day.


  • Take an hour daily to do marketing and analysis research.
  • Organize a TAWE contest giveaway.
  • Set up a booth at a bridal show to add more prevalence in the New England wedding market.

So what can you do to help, you may ask? Share my website with your friends and family and offer my business name to anyone you know who is hosting a wedding or birthday celebration. Not only will this help me, but it will also be beneficial to those who are are hoping to enter the TAWE giveaway to be announced in the weeks to come.

Thanks for reading and share some of your 2014 goals and dreams.




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