Winter ONEderland Birthday Party

My little munchkin turned one this past week. It has been such a blessing to see her grow and experience new things. However six months ago if you would have asked me what her first birthday would be like, I would have replied with “Something on the beach… most likely a nautical theme.” But, things changed pretty quickly and we found ourselves relocating back to New England where we could have our little girl grow up with her grandparents close by. Although it hasn’t been the easiest moving cross-country, I was happy to be able to host a true “Winter ONEderland” party for her with my husband’s and my family, as well as my amazing friend and photographer, Stephanie Krist, who was ever so kind to drive up and photograph the day (check out her website here).View More: s First Birthday 12 1 13-Party Details-0009_2

How did I come up with a Winter ONEderland theme, you may ask? It’s really all thanks to my mother. I was kind of bummed out when we moved back up north and was reminded that December is that “boring-yucky month” in New England when there’s not enough snow on the ground to play in, but you will still freeze to death if you even think about stepping outdoors. So my mom, being the positive thinker she is, started spouting off all the unique things to do in the wintertime. I then started researching and decided to run with a “Winter ONEderland” theme, seeing as you can only do that once in a lifetime.

I decided to host our party at Camp Spofford, nestled in the woods of Spofford, New Hampshire. I wanted a fairly blank canvas to work with, so I could decorate in my own style. I chose a small conference/event room with light moss green walls as to not overtake my soft blue and pink color palette. I transformed the room with 20-30 snowflakes hanging from the ceiling to add that wintery ambience… even if there wasn’t currently snow on the ground.View More:

I originally wanted to include both polar bears and penguins in my designs, but settled for just penguins, as they were easier to create and more readily accessible. I also knew I wanted to have a gingerbread house somewhere set up as a decoration, as it has always been a family tradition to create gingerbread houses with my family. Did I mention that pink candies can be just a bit tricky to find during the Holiday Season?View More: View More: View More: View More: More:

For the centerpieces, I painted and added glitter to some pinecones that I found in a nearby park. The pinecones were set around mason jars filled with Epsom salts replicating snow. Twigs were stabilized in the salt in order to hang paper snowflakes, creating mini snow-laden trees. I also created “snowball votive holders” that I dispersed around the room to add an icy-feel.View More: More: View More:

We tried to keep the food fairly simple. We made appetizers and sweets, including both penguin cookies and a peppermint punch, which was surprisingly delicious, just as the recipe said it would be. The penguin cookies were fun to make and tasty… even though they didn’t turn out exactly the way my husband and I anticipated they would. We also had a hot chocolate bar that featured a couple mix-ins for guests to create their own specialty hot chocolate.View More: Lina s First Birthday 12 1 13-Party Details-0045_2 View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:
Here are a couple more pictures of the birthday girl herself!View More: More:  View More: View More: View More:

I guess she wanted to open more birthday presents in the picture below…View More: More: View More: More:

All in all, I believe our little girl had a wonderful first birthday with family and friends that we will never forget. I am so happy to be able to share these pictures with you. If you are in need of help in creating a memorable occasion for your little munchkin’s birthday please don’t hesitated to contact me and we can set up a free consultation. Thank you all for viewing, and please pin, share, and comment!



3 thoughts on “Winter ONEderland Birthday Party

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  2. Hi. I am doing a winter onederland party for my daughter and I want to do the babyfood jars with the hot coco and marshmallows. What is the pink powder at the bottom of your photo ?

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