Baby Food Jar Favors

For the past couple of months I have been surrounded with baby food jars, but even more so in the last couple days; I have been scrubbing and cleaning every last one to create some key design elements for my daughter’s first birthday.

Instead of leaking “top-secret” party planning information, I decided I would show you some other interesting uses for your own baby food jars (if you ever find yourself stashing them up for “something crafty”… as I always tell my husband).

Baby food jars are the ideal 1st Birthday, Baby Shower, or Holiday favor as they can be spruced up fairly easily and are free (of course, only if you are a mom and have already been buying them, or know of a mom who does). Remember that there is an endless array of ideas for filling these jars, but some tried and true items to add are candy, homemade play dough, trail mix, a homemade candle, small toys, or trinkets.

Below are a couple of ideas for decorating and designing your own favors. 57d41b6b42c9417b7e725eea3dba6287Snow Globed6c120b0e9bdefa26b1698184aa5f725SucculentsDSC04577LEGO Headsparty-favors1MustacheIMG_9354Owl

Check back in a couple weeks when I can finally show you how I ended up using them for my own daughter’s birthday party! Thanks for following!



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