Monday Muse (1982 Love Postage Stamp)

The Monday Muse

il_570xN.501668777_nk9k1982 Love Postage Stamp

Whenever I think of love-inspired postage stamps, my mind always goes to this particular stamp that has been ingrained in my head since I was a child. My parents used this postage for their wedding invitations and my mother has a cross-stitched work of this piece of art at my childhood home. In retrospect, this has been my favorite postage stamp ever since I was little. As I was scouring the web this morning I came upon this, and thought it would be a wonderful starting point for today’s Monday Muse post.

A wedding or event inspired by this piece of art would need to include wildflowers throughout the entirety of the event, as well as incorporating bright tones of cobalt blue, violet purple, pale pink, and poppy red. However, these colors could not be outdone by the greenery involved. Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 1.31.46 PM

  • I found it slightly difficult finding a wildflower bouquet that did not use yellow flowers, but in doing so, I believe this bouquet, assembled by Mary Costa Photography, really makes a statement of rich color and regalness.
  • I love how these cobalt blue shoes, found on Etsy, add an antique touch with the vintage-looking lace. The scrolling lace resemble the flowing word found on the postage stamp. What a great way to add “something blue” to your wedding attire.

Thanks for checking out today’s Monday Muse, and if you have any questions regarding wedding and event planning services, please contact me with the tab located above.



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