The Dreaded Head Table and Some Different Options

Table-960x447Coto Valley Country Club

Are you dreading the decision on how you will be seating your most honored guests at your wedding? The head table is by far the most popular seating arrangement, but merely because it has been around the longest (literally decades)! Personally I’m okay with dropping it and leaving this overly elongated table it in the past. All it does is create awkwardness for multiple amounts of people.

Number one, people are arranged to stare at the entirety of the wedding party. This may be ok for you, as the “belle of the ball,” but “shy little Sally” may not feel the same. Secondly, if “shy little Sally” has a date, he is often stuck with that “random table.” You know… the mismatch of weird extended family members that you may have never met.

So what are some other options? Personally, I love the idea of a King’s Table. Now, you may be asking, what is this? It’s usually a rather large square or rectangular table set in the middle of the hall/ballroom. The King’s Table is large enough to accommodate all the attendants, plus their guests. You want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be happy, right? This cuts down on the awkward conversations that might have ensued at the “random table” and actually means that your attendants may sit for longer than four minutes, not having to run back and forth to check on their spouse or significant other.

Another option is a Sweetheart Table. This table would just seat you and your husband, while letting your attendants sit at other tables (be it one or two tables of only attendants and their significant others, or attendants and their guests dispersed throughout all the tables). If you don’t mind being the center or attention for a bit longer, the Sweetheart Table adds a beneficial time for you and your husband to sit back, eat, and enjoy being newlyweds. If you’re thinking in your head right now… my family and friends would never leave me alone if I had a Sweetheart Table… that can be a valuable concern. However, that is another reason as to why, at the very least, a wedding coordinator is needed on the day of the wedding. A wedding coordinator/planner can assist in leading guests back to their seat and kindly notifying them that the bride and groom will visit and take pictures with their guests after they have gotten a bite to eat.

Lastly, there is the Family Table. Here, brides and grooms sit with both their immediate families at a 6-10 person table, while attendants and their guests sit at their own tables. This is a wonderful option if both families are close and familiar with one another.

Well that will wrap up today’s tidbits; thanks for stopping by, and check back on Monday for the next “Monday Muse” post!



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