Monday Muse (Polka Dots, Suitcases, and Games)

The Monday MuseSo let me be honest here, publishing my “Monday’s Muse” post this week slightly slipped my mind with that thing called the World Series. My mind has kind of been overtaken by bearded men running around a diamond, and my husband waking the baby up with his yelling (also known as cheering).  However, even though I missed Monday by fourteen hours or so, I do believe you will love what this week has to offer… I certainly do.

Fabulous_Bridal_Shoes_Wedding_Shoes_Aves_Photography-1338 Look at these gorgeous Kate Spade shoes (photo taken by Aves Photography). These are a perfect option for those hosting a vintage themed wedding or brides who simply want to show off their “something blue.” The transparent mesh material has been a hit for bridal shoes this year and having both an ankle strap and fabric flower/bow on top really accents the shoe, creating a vintage flair.

vintage-smogshoppe-wedding19Cute, right? I love finding and presenting different options for wedding cards. The plain white cardboard and plastic boxes with a little slit in them, simply don’t do it for me. If it’s going to be viewable at either your ceremony or reception it should keep with your theme and displays. If you are worried about someone taking cards, set up the suitcase/box/basket for only a short amount of time and have someone (like your wedding planner) keep watch over the general area. The cards can always be taken out of the box and moved to a separate and safer location if that makes you feel more comfortable. See the rest of this bride’s vintage and heirloom inspired wedding here.

NH_lovelypackage02This one may use a stretch of  your imagination, but just go with it for a bit. Welovepictures is a photographer couple based in South Africa. They have often found the need to send their pictures cross country, so Maike designed a package that would capture the essence of their company while still protecting the precious cargo inside. Although I absolutely adore the packaging, I am more so in love with the Scrabble letters used. Although these letters symbolize the initials of the couple that got married (and not the state, as I first imagined), I envision using Scrabble letters for a destination wedding invitation to make the state of the nuptials stand out (and I always love the usage of bakers twine). Check out the rest of the packaging here on their blog.

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