Burlap: Good for Design, Good for your Pocket

Burlap. It’s everywhere this year, and believe me, it’s not just for the country folk!  Burlap is being used in so many new ways that it spans across both season and theme.  Not only is it versatile, but it also adds texture to any design. This sets a good backdrop for centerpieces, invitations, and dessert tables (as well as a million other things).

Personally, I love seeing burlap with soft colors.  However, burlap can also be used in contrast to any industrial setting with cold silvers and grays. Whatever theme you are going for, if you want to add a touch of warmth and familiarity to your event, burlap is an option that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are a couple options for incorporating burlap into your event!invitation01(pp_w689_h459)


Amazing, right?! These invitations were created by photographer, Jodi Miller (and her now, hubby). She states on her blog:

“I knew once we got engaged that I wanted something new and creative for our wedding invitations, something that hasn’t been done before, but also something to reflect the style of our wedding and allow our guests to have a “sneak peek” into the actual day.  We wanted our invites to be personal and completely handmade and really give our guests something special.”

I think Jodi and her husband definitely created something that would be remembered by all their guests for years to come! I mean who could ever bring themselves to throw this away, as many other wedding invitations are?

il_570xN.489327126_8bp4Have you ever though about adding burlap into your or your bridesmaids’ sash? This sash, found on Etsy, is an elegant way to use burlap without overpowering your wardrobe. The linen used in this sash looks similar to a tightly woven burlap and compliments the natural feel of the burlap leaves placed under the coral rose.

silver-candlesticks-burlap-table-runner-rustic-weddingThis table setting by eph*ra event design, is a mix of silver plated classical elegance and a primitive warmth. Without the burlap table runner, the pillar candle pedestals fall out of place with their worn and bucolic look.

Southern-wedding-burlap-wrapped-candlesLastly, another candle-set centerpiece, by Kristyn Hogan. Without the burlap linen on this table, the centerpiece would get lost on a white tablecloth. Nothing would stand out and guests would barely notice that there was even a centerpiece set. With added brooches and textured glass candle holders, I don’t see this set-up so much as rustic, but as sweet and innocent.

I hope this post has made you consider using burlap in your next event. If you have any questions or need some help setting up your big day, please contact me using the tab located above; and don’t forget to check back in on Monday!



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