Monday Muse (DIY Fall Festiveness)

The Monday MuseI’ve been hanging out with my niece and nephew over the last week and have had to come up with some “special activities” to keep the kids busy while my brother and sister-in-law pack to move to a new house. So in the meantime, my mother and I have taken the kids on a number of nature walks exploring and picking up seasonal treasures such as leaves and pinecones to create some festive fall decorations.

I’ve especially been in the fall spirit today, as we drove across upstate New York and Vermont while sipping some hot apple cider (picture below taken with my phone). So I decided to bring you my own seasonal enthusiasm to the kaleidoscope of color changes happening outdoors! Here are some autumn endeavors that you can do by yourself, with a ladies group, or with your own kids.


Preserving Leaves for Decoration

This activity is fairly easy and just requires a nature walk to pick up some changing leaves, and a block of paraffin wax (we used Gulf Wax). Simply warm the wax up according to directions on package, dip your leaves in and let dry on some parchment paper. Afterwards these leaves can be strung to make a garland or arranged as a table centerpiece perfect for the family table at Thanksgiving.

Autumn Mason Jars

For this activity you can either use dried leaves from your nature walk (which may take a week or two to dry completely), or some imitation leaves bought at your local craft store. Merely adhere the leaves to the mason jar with Mod Podge and cover with another two to three layers of the sticky substance. After the jar has completely dried spray with an acrylic paint and leave overnight in a safe place to dry. By the next day your jar should be ready to pop in a tea light or votive candle, and you can sit back and enjoy the festive flickering ambience!

I hope you enjoy these activities as much as I have! I can attest that these are as much fun for adults as they are for kids. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!



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