The Monday Muse (Postcards and Poppies)


The Monday Muse

muse31. Adding suspended lighting and/or décor to a reception site adds a whimsical elegance that will last long into the evening. These strung lantern designs can be created for a very reasonable price, especially when compared to similar decorations bought online or in stores.

2. Paper Rosettes are also a great way to add coverage and a pop of color to your event. The eye-catching colors of this carnival themed photo shoot would be perfect for a special Valentines Day event or those looking to create a statement wedding.  I also love this photo as the red poppies vibrantly appear against the light colored palette.

3. A newer trend is sending out postcard “thank-you notes.” There are a couple benefits to this act of gratefulness. Anyone can create these postcards fairly easily and your guests would be thrilled to have a professional wedding photo of the two of you on the front (if you so chose to do so, and have received permission from your photographer). Not to mention, postcards are also slightly cheaper to send than enveloped cards.

4. Lastly, check out this amazing wedding photo! If you and your hubby are agile enough (and are willing to accept the fact that your dress may get dirty), think of trying out some different and unique wedding day poses.

Thanks all for checking out today’s Monday Muse and look back on Friday for some photos from a recent sports-themed baby shower. And as always, if you need help on your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to contact me with the tab located above.



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