Pinecones {The “Flower” of the Season}

Pinecones are the perfect decorative option for your winter wedding or event. They are versatile and more readily available than most seasonal options (just look in your backyard or the park down the street). There are many different ways to incorporate this seasonal element in your event so don’t feel that you are confined to just one decorative component at a time. Below are a few pictures to get your wheels turning, but don’t stop there…pinecone

Not only can pinecones be used in seasonal and earth-toned weddings, but when painted they can be a fun and whimsical novelty used for all sorts of events including, but not limited to, children’s parties, winter-themed baby showers, or holiday parties.Fotor01004190231

As you can see, a simple item such as a pinecone can be transformed into a significant facet to your fete! Please contact me (using the tab above) if you are interested in or are in need of help for your winter themed soiree!


Photo Group #1 Cake, Boutonniere, Cuff Links, Necklace

Photo Group #2 Painted Pinecones


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