The Monday Muse (Winter Wonderland)

The Monday Muse

My husband and I (as well as our daughter and two border collies) finally made it to New England. There has and will be a lot of adjusting through the next couple of months, but there will also be some new and exciting endeavors for TAWE! I’m so excited to be back “up north” and available to write my biweekly posts! Helping people with their weddings and events is far more appealing than driving cross-country with a 10 month-old and two neurotic dogs.

This week has been a complete fluctuation of weather patterns (as New England is prone to be) and has made me think of the chilly and enchanting winter months to come. This week’s “Monday Muse” focuses on the whimsical elements sought after in a winter wedding.


1. A sparkly hairpiece will glisten in the winter sun, and highlight your hairstyle against snow fallen backgrounds.

2. Pinecones are the perfect complement to any winter soiree adding a nature-filled fairytale-like feel. Small to medium sized pinecones work perfectly in a bridesmaids bouquet.

3. Berries and evergreen adorn as the cake topper for this wedding. This rivals all others, especially when set against the midnight blue fondant.

4. A simple and natural wedding invitation is embellished with snowflake splatters. A perfect invitation for those who are leaning towards a more rustic event.



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