The Practical and Uncommon Bridesmaid Gift

At the end of the planning process, brides usually get worn out and dread putting together the final preparations. One of the last things a bride often considers purchasing when planning their wedding is the bridesmaids’ gifts. Often times it’s hard to find something that is meaningful, yet not too expensive. This is where a wedding planner comes in. Recently, while I was scouring the Internet, I happened across a couple unique bridesmaids gifts that will leave your girls  “oohing and awing” over your generosity. Sometimes it’s in the little things that a wedding planner is needed most.


Although all of these gifts are handmade, the handkerchief and monogrammed vase can be easily recreated by bride or hired wedding planner (in accordance with TAWE’s Hand-in-Hand package). Both, the personalized rings and hair comb are a little more intricate and one should invest in the help of a professional with these specialties.

If you are having difficulty deciding or creating your bridesmaids gifts, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I will be glad to give you my undivided attention and learn what you would most benefit from, because sometimes a bride just needs another helping hand to share the load.



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