The Monday Muse (Pumpkins and Tutus…)

The Monday Muse

Monday’s will now be “The Monday Muse” post. A concise collective of what is currently inspiring me, specifically in wedding and event planning. I mean who doesn’t need a little perk me up at the start of the week? Just imagine it as a boost of espresso to your day; getting those wheels turning again…


1.)  Pumpkin everything! We all know what happens in September, the whole country turns into a pumpkin! So I know that pumpkins can get a little monotonous by the end of the month; but how about using it for a wedding ring photo op? How adorable would this be? If you are planning a fall wedding, this is a definite must for your photographer!

2.)  Planning my own daughter’s birthday party has made me realize just how obsessed I am with little one-year olds in full-puffy tutus. Although I can’t say anything else about my daughter’s birthday bash plans until December!

3.)  S’mores Bar– Perfect for any event on a nice chilly evening, be it wedding or birthday party. It’s a gathering place for friends and family to mingle while roasting that matchless marshmallow. All that’s needed is a couple sternos in a long box filled with rocks/gravel/sand and of course some delicious sweets to add to those grahams!

4.)  Fondant Cupcake Toppers are the perfect addition to any cupcake treat! Although they can get a little pricey, so if need be, just add them to half of your cupcakes for that pop of color and pizzazz.



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