All that Glitters…

Glitter is the finishing touch for weddings and events taking place throughout the dark dismal months of winter. They add a certain element of surprise, joy, and fun. However, glitter can also be misused very easily. Guests should never leave your event upset about how much glitter is covering them and their family.

If you love the look of glitter, try adding it into a couple components of your event. This can include envelopes, table numbers, champagne bottles, napkin rings, and escort cards. If you wish to invest in a bolder statement, have your bridesmaid’s or birthday girl (for birthday parties) adorn themselves in sparkling sequins, or use tablecloths that are embellished in the shimmering splendor.

If you have the opportunity to have your event be inside an old warehouse or barn ask the owners if they mind glitter being sprinkled on the flooring. However, realize that unless it is outdoors you will probably still find glitter years later, no matter how much you have swept or vacuumed. Because of this many vendors will not allow glitter to be added to the flooring, but if allowed it adds a breathtaking aspect.

All in all, if you are trying to keep your event less “glitter bombed,” use sequins, as they don’t have a tendency to magnetically attach to one’s body. Here are a couple inspirational pictures to help get your own creative juices flowing:

25Glitter DressIMG_0645-copySugar-Dusted CakePink-gold-and-glittery-Valentines-party-ideas-18bGlitter Champagne Bottlesil_570xN.395645458_tc6qGlitter Envelopesangel-in-the-north-blog-wedding-styling-ideas-aisle-decor-glitter-sparkle-confetti-and-candlesSequin Floor



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