TarynAlyse Weddings + Events is Moving Places

Yes, literally. My husband and I have made a decision to move back to the cold.  We have loved Florida for the past three years, but have decided that we needed a change and desire to be closer to our families (especially having an almost one year old daughter). So therefore, we are moving back to New England at the end of September (yes, you read that right… in less than three weeks from now).  It is scary, yet so exciting… a true “butterflies in your stomach” feeling.

Don’t get me wrong… I love Florida weddings; but I hope to expand my event planning business. I adore a true rustic, vintage, or nautical themed event. A wedding that embodies a family-oriented atmosphere. I believe New England can help grow this area of my business; not to mention there are some amazing vendors located in New England like my fellow friend and photographer, Stephanie Rita.

I never realized my desire to plan weddings in all seasons (yes, even in the negative degree weather), until I started researching my home state for my blog post, Let’s Get Hitched in New Hampshire. I realized just how blessed I was to grow up in an area that has so much versatility for wedding options. Not only are there all four seasons, but so many geographic and historic locations!

This is a large reason as to why we are packing up our bags and starting on a new adventure. In the next couple weeks we will be organizing our life in the biggest boxes that Home Depot has to offer, and I will be tying up a couple more events down here in Florida. In the midst of all this, you can still count on your blog posts on both Mondays and Fridays (soon to include some event photos as well).

Feel free to follow me on my new business expansion and pursuit, and remember that I am always available to plan a wedding for or from any part of the country! I would be more than happy to come back down to Florida to assist you with your big day! Have an amazing start to your week and don’t forget to check back here on Friday!




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