Wedding Trend|Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila)

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) is often thought of as just a filler flower, shoved in with a dozen Valentines Day roses or tucked in your mom’s Mother’s Day Corsage. And honestly, when it came to my own wedding three years ago, I wanted nothing to do with Baby’s Breath. Funny what three years can do though…

Although I’m still not crazy about it being used as a filler, I think it looks absolutely stunning when it’s compactly grouped by itself.  This flower has been a growing trend during the past couple of months, especially since it is available year round.

Baby’s Breath is also wonderful as it can fit any trend or budget.  From what I’ve researched, Baby’s Breath runs around $80 for 100 stems (not including assembly by a florist). There are also multiple varieties of this popular flower, depending on what you are looking for. My personal favorites include:

Gypsophila Overtime – flaunting large and dense blooms

Gypsophila Mirabella – pure white blooms that are more pest resistant, therefore requiring the use of fewer pesticides

Although previously viewed as a “cheaper flower,” Baby’s Breath has stepped up and become a classy choice for those who crave an all white alternative. Check out some of these ideas on incorporating this dainty flower into your wedding day.


BeachWeddingcenterpiecesSimple, yet so elegant. This South African wedding boasted the timeless grace of baby’s breath throughout the whole table setting.


1e0395f6d2c2c6f174aa22978cd22af5This barrel of Baby’s Breath, really creates a statement piece as the guests file through the center aisle.

daf0466289cc2a50a62f353c08b31d48A simple bouquet adds a dramatic feel when paired with solid neutral colored dresses.

babys-breath-boutonniereThe same with this boutonniere.

babys-breath-altar-vintage-hill-country-austin-weddingThe flowers entwined with this chuppah give off an enchanting perception.

Place-Cards-in-Wooden-Drawers-With-Babys-BreathThe Baby’s Breath fills out these aged drawers holding placecards.

diy-monogram-entrance-07Lastly, monogrammed letters are simple to create and add a cute photographic element.

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