The Benefits of Having a Month-of Wedding Coordinator

Why do I need a wedding planner or coordinator?


I know I have spoken about this subject briefly before, however I thought it was necessary to delve deeper into this subject; with all the wedding buzz on Pinterest and other websites, many brides believe that they can piece together their own weddings without any professional help.

Don’t get me wrong… I am all for DIY weddings; it is a great style of wedding to work with. However, how are you going to orchestrate that style and feel on the day of your wedding? Are you personally going to run around the reception site beforehand when you are supposed to be getting ready, making sure that the florist has set up the centerpieces just the way you envisioned them, or that the caterer has made it to the site on time to start preparing for the cocktail hour? Or are you simply going to delegate that task to your mother and/or bridesmaids?

I prefer to see that your guests and family (who are also guests) just be (you guessed it…) your guests. Let them enjoy this day, and of course, we don’t want you as the bride to be stressed either. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy your wedding? I mean, it only happens once; and like everyone says, the time goes by much more quickly than expected.

That’s what I love about my job. Although I can’t always calm the nerves of my brides… I can help them not worry about what is happening behind the scenes. A planner will help coordinate the family for pictures at the reception, make sure all the guests have found their seats, and ensure that all the vendors are set up beforehand without any dilemmas (as well as a million other things on the to-do list).

So let’s say that you would like to do most of your own planning (a DIY Bride), or you simply don’t have a lot of extra funds to contribute for a planner. This is where our First Date Package comes in. This is our least expensive, month-of coordination package. Many people call this a day-of coordinator, but let’s face it… there really isn’t such a thing as a “day-of coordinator.” Do you really want to have someone just step in at the last second to coordinate all your wedding day dreams?

Please say no. I would hope after all the planning and work that you put into your wedding that you would want someone to step in 4-6 weeks prior to learn what you expect out of your wedding day, to set up a day-of timeline, to have one last look through your vendor contracts, and get in touch with these vendors so they know to contact the planner and not the bride on that special day. A month-of coordinator takes the weight off your own shoulders during the last couple of weeks when things can get more hectic. Not only are we thinking of the wedding day, but we are thinking of everything that needs to be accomplished beforehand, and after as well.

As you can see a bride could easily get a little frazzled during this time period, but with the help of a certified wedding planner all this mind-boggling insanity can be put to rest. If you are looking to have a relaxed month of, and quandary-free wedding day please feel free to contact me. I can discuss all of our wedding day packages during a free consultation, and remember I am always happy and willing to travel for my bride and groom’s big day. Check back on Saturday for another post I’m excited about sharing!



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