ColorLove| The Transcendent Fall Wedding

Maybe it’s because I’m a New England girl at heart, but when I hear the two words, “fall wedding,” I instantly imagine changing leaves in the background, shawls wrapped around bridesmaids shoulders, and always a swanky hot beverage stand with favorites such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and of course some hot apple cider from the local apple orchard! And although it’s custom to get married in a church, who would want to negate the beautiful fall weather and colors outdoors?

There are so many rich colors associated with fall; how do you pick a complementing color for your upcoming wedding? Pantone has chosen ten colors to go with every occasion this fall, be it in fashion, decorations, or design. These ten colors are full of rich-jewel tones.


My personal favorites include Carafe (19-1116) and Turbulence (19-4215), with accents of Koi (17-1452).  I can just imagine bridesmaids wearing brown and/or grey dresses with bold koi colored jewelry in the late afternoon sun (of course with some added hay bales and pumpkins).

Often I find that differing vivd colors of dresses is hard to pull off, but here the bride has used many of Pantone’s 2013 Fall Colors. In doing so she has stuck with jewel tone colors to mimic and reflect the outdoor season.  These wedding colors prove to make a seamless transition throughout the entire wedding party.


Whether you are in the Southeast, Northwest, or Central part of the country, Pantone has provided colors that will match your scenic backdrop. For areas of the country with warmer climates Mykonos Blue (18-4434) and Linden Green (15-0533) are perfect shades that are not too feminine for your beau-to-be. In fact, Mykonos Blue has started taking over as the new navy in nautical themed events. It’s a beautiful hue that reminds me more of a true blue as compared to the “blackness” of navy. On the other hand Linden Green is perfect for those who have dramatic lush landscapes during the months to come. This color enlivens moods of happiness, new growth, and life… what a wedding is all about!

However, whatever your autumn looks like outdoors, it is a beautiful time of year to get married.  If you need help with planning your complete wedding, or just putting last minute details together for your upcoming wedding, contact me via the tab located above!



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