The Ring Bearer| Options Other Than the Pillow

Nothing is wrong with having a ring bearer carry the classical pillow down the aisle, but here are some other options that are a little more creative.

1.) Rings tied to a pumpkin- especially appropriate for fall season weddings

2.) Carry a sign- “Here Comes the Bride” or brief lyrics to a favorite song


3.) Ring holder dish- usually what women put their rings on while doing the dishes or taking a shower; however, please do not use the real wedding bands on the dish for the ceremony


4.) Tie the rings to an old book- especially good for brides focused on a vintage themed wedding

5.) Tie the rings to a Bible- great for brides and grooms whose faith is important to them; this would be an excellent present from the Bride/Groom’s family as a new family heirloom, ready to be passed on for generations to come


6.) Carry a penant flag or banner- this can state the wedding date, bride and groom’s name, etc.

7.) Ring Bearer Bowls- a new trend, similar to a ring holder dish, except rings are tied to the bowl


8.) Ring Box- these are always fun to decorate yourself if you have an artistic hand; wooden boxes can be bought at almost any local craft store and stained/painted with your wedding style in mind

Don’t forget to please contact me for your up and coming wedding!



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