Chalkboard Events|Trend

Everyone has seen and marveled at the chalkboard trend that has taken off this past year, whether it be signs, labels, menu selections, or invitations. It looks so incredibly easy… I mean who hasn’t colored on a chalkboard multiple times in their life. However, honestly… unless you are artistically inclined you may want to reconsider your options. Here are some that I have investigated:

1.)  My Digital Studio (by Stampin’ Up)- an expansive digital software program that allows you to create your own invitations, favors, table decorations, etc., with new downloads that are available on a weekly basis with quality printing available. Included in this program’s digital content there is a suite devoted to this chalkboard trend. This software is currently available for digital download  or CD-ROM ($20.00) at


2.)  Hire someone from Etsy to do your chalkboard designs. There are many chalkboard artists that would be more than happy to complete your project. They will do your piece with a chalk marker or a white opaque paint, as to make sure it won’t smudge on your wedding day.


3.)  If you need to save money by doing it yourself, try borrowing an overhead projector. You can print your own projector sheets with whatever text and designs you desire for your chalkboard. If an overhead projector is unavailable, try using stencils from your local craft store (especially good for all the swirls and twirls in the design). Make sure to “prime your board” by going over it first with a piece of chalk held on it’s side (then wiping off); this will insure that there won’t be marks left where something needs to be erased. At the end of your project, a light dusting of hairspray will help keep the chalk from smudging.




Whatever chalkboard design technique you use, your event will be on trend. This is me, signing off on the winding roads of Vermont…




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