I dont’ need a videographer… I have a photographer… FALSE.

I don’t need a videographer… I have a photographer… False.

I’ve heard this phrase a million times, and granted I was one of those brides who said it too. However, since becoming a wedding planner I have since realized that this phrase is like saying, “I will have someone sing acapella for my reception music instead of the full band.” Just like photography, the lead vocalist is extremely important, but so is all the background music.

Let me demonstrate some reasons on why videography is important on your big day:

  • You can share it with your loved ones who were unable to make it to the ceremony, being that they are elderly or live too far away.
  • It’s wonderful being able to relive the toasts at your reception. Sometimes, the bride and groom are so nervous about being the center of everyone’s attention that they fail to pay attention to all the lovely toasts that people gave to them.
  • Being able to see all the other things you missed on your wedding day, possibly while you were taking pictures with your photographer or while you were too busy trying to scarf down that piece of filet mignon before the dancing started.
  • Being able to watch the video in 10 years and listen to all the silly songs that were “popular” at the time of your wedding and being able to share it with your children when they ask about “that day when mommy and daddy got married.”
  • Seeing your husband’s face when he sees you for the first time (without looking through a veil and trying not to trip down the aisle).
  • Lastly, let’s face it; your family members and friends will not be around forever. This is a great opportunity to have some special footage of them and be able to look back at it in the future.

All in all, I believe having a videographer capture your wedding day speaks for itself. Here is a short wedding highlight video of a videographer I love based out of Orlando, FL.

Visit his website here… Jeffrey Stoner.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! Contact me if you have any questions regarding me assisting you in your wedding or event planning!



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