Old MacDonald had a Wedding {Farm/Ranch Weddings}

I recently asked my husband why he would want to have a farm wedding (if he got married to me again of course). I was looking for a list of reasons why this has been such a huge trend in the last year or so… but instead I got the reply of “Why not?!?!”

wedding_signsBarn Wedding

But really… why not?!? There are so many benefits to having a farm wedding. Let me give you a couple of examples…


  • Cut your cost for decorations… because who needs that many decorations when you have a natural landscape like this one? All that is needed are some strung lights, a basic centerpiece, and maybe you want to throw in a chandelier showcasing the height of that barn.

chandelier_in-barnBarn Chandelier

  • Unlimited amount of space…well, within reason. Are you planning on a large guest list? Farm weddings often have large barns, or a field that can accommodate multiple tents if need be.
  • For the health-conscious bride and groom this is a “green option” and it’s always fun to incorporate the farms vegetation in the menu selections. By using this farm to table menu you are supporting local farmers and providing your guests with top quality food.

strawberry_farms_wedding_11Green Wedding Shoes

  • This is the perfect option for a bride on any budget. By working with a clean slate, you can add as much or as little as you want to your wedding day (therefore increasing or decreasing your cost). This allows your budget to be more flexible, allowing you to spend more money in the areas you find most important.

cross creek ranch weddingSunglow Photography (Cross Creek Ranch, FL)

  • Your guests will feel so relaxed as they enjoy the atmosphere. Children can run around in between the ceremony and reception and burn off some built up energy so they might be able to make it past the salad at dinnertime.
  • Some people may discourage you from having a wedding at a farm because of “the smell,” however, farms and ranches that cater to weddings will know enough to keep the wedding ceremony and reception far enough away from the animals as to not make a stink (so your guests won’t make one either).

white-horse-bride(pp_w900_h675)Brandi Smyth Photography

All in all, if I could rewind three years, I would definitely be having my wedding at either a farm or a ranch. I’m in love with the ideas of a simple secluded wedding that houses all the fun of the animals and landscape. However, if you want to make my dreams come true, let me plan your farm wedding!


Below I have included a short list of farms in Florida that host weddings/events:









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