But How Do I Get Her Ring Size?!?!

Ok, so scenario time.  You have everything ready to propose to your girlfriend of five years. You’ve asked her father’s permission (like a good son-in-law), and you know that she likes her princess cut diamonds, but alas you don’t know one of the most important things… her ring size. So how do you get this vital piece of information without ruining your whole surprise?



Here are some simple ideas that won’t make you burst the whole bubble…

  • Ask either her mom or best friend. Sorry guys, but most girls know when a proposal is around the corner. She may try to help you out by either letting her mother or best friend know what her ring size is. So this is your first place to look.
  • If that doesn’t work try her jewelry box. If she wears a purity ring or another special ring, she may take it off at night or for certain activities. Have either her mother, friend, or yourself take the ring out and trace the inside circle of the ring. However, be sure to know that she wears this on her ring finger. Bring the tracing to a jeweler who can easily tell what size she will wear from this drawing.
  • While grocery shopping take a twisty tie from the self-serve veggie/fruit area. Fashion a ring from it and pretend to propose with your twisty tie trick. If she is a fun and light-hearted girl she will put it on. Later in the evening you hopefully can sneak it back and then wa-lah… you will know her ring size (just print off a sizing chart online)!
  • If all else fails buy the “average” ring sixe, which is a size 6. Granted, average means a girl that is around 5’4” and weighs 140lbs. If your fiancée is larger or smaller it will vary. Some jewelers may be even able to guess by looking at a recent picture of your girlfriend’s hands and her body build. (Extra tip: Always guess bigger rather than smaller, if a girl can’t fit into her engagement ring she may turn into a Debbie Downer when you try to put it on).



I hope this helps your in your quest to propose to that special woman! Comment below if you have any other interesting ways to find this important information out, and if you are in need of any assistance with your wedding planning (or baby shower planning in the future) please contact me! Have a blessed week everyone!




1. Proposal Silhouette

2. Ring Sizing Chart


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