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Whether you spell it grey or gray, it doesn’t matter, all you need to know is that it’s a huge trend in the event industry right now. It’s a great neutral color to either use by itself, a base color, or accent color. And not only is it a wonderful color to use for weddings, but also for baby showers (especially when gender is unknown), and anniversaries! Most people imagine gray as a dark and dismal color, but in fact when used correctly it can be the exact opposite.

A lighter gray color goes perfectly with both pastels and vibrant colors. This shade of gray brings a certain type of joyful ambience to your event. It gives the event a little bit more of a casual and relaxed feel. Most people only think of a gray and yellow color combination, but I hope you realize that there are many other colors to mix it with including, but not limited to a soft peony pink, light blue, and lilac.

Dark gray goes well with both royal hues and bright colors (i.e. emerald green, a deep plum, or bright orange). This shade commands significance. It is a great color to use for an event that is not black-tie, but is still semi-formal attire.

Gray can also be used by itself in perhaps a wedding. The brides dress and cake can offset the darker color and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A gray color used in this way is very modern and chic.

Please enjoy the photos of different ways to pair this color with your event.

1bb_adorned_green_grey_wedding_invitation_large2Green + Gray Invitations by Momental DesignsElise-Bergman-Blue-Gray-Bridesmaids-Dresses-600x399Elizabeth Anne Designsgray-white-orange-baby-shower-tableGoldfish Baby Shower by Small Shop StudioLilacShauna Young Dessert Tablesyellowandgray_desserttable_1 yellowandgray_desserttable_4KaLice Events

If you have read my blog and need some help planning and organizing your grey event, please go to my contact page and leave me a message. Also check back at the beginning of October for my own inspired grey event!



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