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Peacocks are very popular with wedding designs and themes because of their representation of royalty, incorruptibility, immorality, and glory. The colors reflect in and of themselves a certain regality. It’s almost as if the deep tones demand your eye to be drawn.

However, there is a fine line between “peacock tackiness” and “peacock splendor”. I had a tremendously difficult time finding pictures of table settings that didn’t look like a whole peacock itself was sitting in the middle of the table. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to look at a centerpiece and instantly be thinking about a dirty bird sitting to dine with me.

Now let me clarify… I don’t mind using a drawing of a peacock on the invitations/stationary for the wedding. I have photos below of absolutely gorgeous invitations using peacocks and peacock feathers together. However, to pull this wedding off correctly, one must envision and focus on the colors first, and subsequently where to add a couple feather statements. These feathers will draw the eye to that one specific place, rather than giving sensory peacock overload. Let me rewind a little bit, peacock feathers are stunning and when placed tastefully can add that one finishing touch that the wedding was missing. Let me show you how to use the peacock theme in a way that will highlight your wedding, but won’t take away from the main attraction of the wedding- you and your hubby.


Right off the bat, do you see how you don’t have to necessarily use the peacock feather, but can incorporate the colors to go with your wedding decor? This “too pretty to eat cake” is from Maggie Austin Cake. You can find some of her other designs here.

These flowers are a little brighter and edgier than what I was originally looking for, but don’t you love them?! This is what I mean by adding just a couple feathers to make your bouquet really stand out! This particular bouquet is by Black Door Florals.





This is an excellent place to use a peacock print. It will let everyone know weeks in advance what to expect on your wedding day, an elegant soiree featuring touches of peacock whimsy. Vintage Invites



Number one, this linen tablecloth is to die for. Ok, not literally… but it is magnificent! Talking about peacock, this intertwines two deep tones (the purple and teal) in an iridescent glory! Not only that, but see how they added just a touch of the peacock feathers to the centerpiece… just enough to make your eyes look twice, and say “Oh that’s nice!”.

All in all, no matter what theme or color concept that you decide to do let’s try to keep it classy. You can contact me here on my website to inquire about my services and rates for any wedding, party, or shower. Have a blessed day and check back on Saturday!



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