“Let them Eat Cake”… Or Not. – {Gender Reveal Parties}

So I don’t want to bursts anyone’s bubble… but I’m getting tired of the “cake cutting gender reveal party.” I mean, any way would be fun to find out if your baby is a little boy or girl, and I do admit that this is the way that my husband and I found out… but let’s burst that bubble and try to think of some other ways to break the news to friends and family (and possibly even yourself)!

Honestly this post has taken a ton of brainstorming! I keep on wanting to post about this subject simply because the cake thing is way overdone, however… every time I try to find inspiration all I can find is cake after cake after cake, and then every so often a box with balloons inside.  It’s monotonous. So what do we do?! Well, here are a few ideas that I thought might be different and unique in breaking this huge news!


  • Fiesta themed gender reveal with a piñata that releases either blue/pink candy, confetti, or miniature toys that state if it’s a boy or girl.

73 143Pinata Party

  • Firework display. I’ve seen this done a couple of times and it also such a great way to entertain your guests! You can buy pink/red or blue fireworks at your local fireworks store or online.  Just make sure it is legal in whatever state you live in.


  • Vintage theme party. Buy Jones Soda in either Fufu Berry or Berry Lemonade (pink or blue) and keep them in a cooler decorated with a sign stating that there will be a surprise reveal. When you are ready to reveal, gather everyone around and open up the cooler! You can also customize the labels with your own pictures on their website.


  • Have an Asian inspired gender reveal party, and at the end hand out fortune cookies with your announcement on the slip of paper hidden inside. Order these at Beau-Coup.


  • Ok, so here’s the deal… if you must do a cake, think about a theme like “Bun in the Oven,” or cake pops, or do a unique cake reveal like this. Instructions are here.



If you are or know of someone that is expecting and seeks to have a gender reveal party please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to help you design and organize this special day! This is one of the most exciting days of your life and should be shared by both friends and family!



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