{Herringbone… the Classic Chevron}

Since many brides are getting ready for their fall and winter weddings, I decided to focus on a clean and dashing fabric pattern that was prevalent in the early to mid 20th century. Herringbone is a classy weave pattern that resembles a broken zig-zag line. It is found in many suits and winter coats. However, I believe that it will also start invading the designs of many weddings this coming fall. I love the herringbone design because the broken zig-zags throw off an edgy and modern feel. Furthermore, the herringbone pattern reminds me of the radiating warmth of wool on a brisk fall day with foliage anticipating the imminent dusting of first snow. This is why the herringbone pattern will be popping up all throughout weddings this fall and winter. Although chevron was and still is “all the buzz,” be ready for the original herringbone to make a raging appearance. Here are some photos to get your wheels turning…

jaeger-black-herringbone-spot-sleeveless-dress-product-1-4827217-064937999_large_flex This would be a great bridesmaids dress, just add a sash in whatever accent color you choose. I’m thinking a yellow, lilac, or aqua would fit perfectly!

(Jaeger Herringbone Dress Black)


Or how about this bridesmaid’s dress? It will make a statement with it’s simple sophistication.

(Vera Wang Double Faced Wool Herringbone Dress)


      This is a navy herringbone linen used as an exquisute and quaint tablecloth paired with the cotton plant centerpieces.

   (Winter Hues Inspiration)


The Herringbone Pattern doesn’t need to be dull at all. Add some bright colors though invitations (like these shown), bouquet wraps, and linens.

(Ross & Jess’ Invitations)


Last, but certaintly not least… add a herringbone pattern to you or your bridesmaids’ hair on the big day. Fishtail braids are perfect for this sort of occasion.

(Fishtail Braid)

I hope this post got you thinking of some other creative ways to use the herringbone pattern, without simply using it for your man’s suit. I hope you all have a blessed rest of your week! Talk to you all again shortly!



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