{Earthy + Organic Weddings}

I love using my imagination and running around my house to try to put together a centerpiece using objects I already have. It’s a mix and match process that took place just two weekends ago when my best friend from high school came down to visit. We were trying to put together a couple different shoots without breaking the bank. So there I sat on the floor in my kitchen rummaging through that one cupboard that we all have, yes you know… the cupboard that houses all our wedding gifts that we received, that although are lovely, have not seen the light of day in three years.  So here I am sitting on the floor with a trifle dish and a punch bowl stand (turned upside down)… Perfect! It’s practically the first time I get to use them! But after seeing this shoot you will want to go out and get yourself a trifle dish and punch bowl stand too!

Not only do I love finding random uses for my old wedding gifts, but I also love making centerpieces that are bold in statement without burning a whole in your groom’s pocket. We grabbed some hydrangea flowers from the local flower shop, some moss from a local craft store, and lastly some polished rocks I had hanging around. Put it all together and Wah-Lah!

I like calling it Organic Sophistication.  It would be perfect for the bride who likes her centerpieces to be natural but not overly theatrical. Hydrangeas keep the bouquet fairly round and neat, while the clear glass adds an element of openness and air. Since this piece has only natural colors it could go with any color scheme that you are drawn to.  Just imagine the possibilities!

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Please feel free to check out my friend Stephanie’s photography site here.

Trifle Dish– Pampered Chef

Punch Bowl/Cake Stand– Anchor Hocking

Hydrangea– Flowers by Susan (Port St Lucie, FL)

Moss– Hobby Lobby Craft Store (Jensen Beach, FL)

Rocks– My house… but any craft store would have them

Sunshine– Only in Florida


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