Using Lanterns for Your Specialty Event…

I have a new-found fascination with lantern centerpieces. Let me delve into the details why…

  • Simply the ambiance they give off… it sets the whole tone for the event
  • Often cheaper than floral centerpieces, so you can spend more money on your favorite photographer
  • They obviously give off light, so you may not have to use much, if any artificial lighting
  • I haven’t met someone yet who is allergic to lanterns…

Lanterns come in so many shapes and styles, that you are bound to find one that matches what you’re looking for. Let me just show you a couple of my favorite lantern centerpieces…




First of all, I absolutely love the colors that this couple picked out. This “Welcome Beach Party” took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. There lanterns were embellished with a hint of moss and two pink orchids. This look would complete any tropical theme wedding, whether it be in Florida, the Bahamas, or even Boston.



These lanterns would be absolutely adorable for a barn yard wedding. Simply give them to your guests in place of escort cards, or have them in groups already placed as a centerpiece (maybe with a larger white lantern).



Absolutely love this organic looking centerpiece, and I especially love how they added the table number to the lantern. The wildflowers add a nice touch as well as the lace embellishments. This centerpiece would fit seamlessly in a country inn or rustic barn.



Talk about absolutely beautiful… The crisp white linens and chairs make the black lantern and purple flowers pop in the sunshine. This is a great example of how you can use both flowers and a lantern together, perfect for either a day or evening wedding.


Yellow and Aqua Wedding

This is a photo to show you how simple a lantern centerpiece can be. With the printed linen, the solid lantern stands out especially with the ocean as your background. The antique feel of the lantern juxtaposed to the fresh yellow flowers creates a clean fusion between old and new.



Let’s talk about real simplicity here. Instead of rocks, one could even use seashells or sea glass. This definitely reminds me of a New England Coastal wedding with the clean lines and effortless set-up.



This is elegant and romantic without being too girly. Your groom isn’t going to feel unmanly walking into this room. Notice that this lantern is quite similar to the lantern in centerpiece number three, however it has a totally different feel. This one could even suit a black tie affair.

There’s not one uniform way to set a lantern centerpiece up, and it’s always nice for those venues who require flames to be enclosed. Not only that, but floral centerpieces can be much more difficult. They need to be set up the night before or morning of the wedding, and what if the flowers start wilting in the sun? This is why I love the option of using flowers as accents if needed. I hope this shows you all the versatile ways you can incorporate lanterns into your wedding! Have a great rest of your evening, and look to hear back from me early next week!

1.) Beach Party

2.) Escort Lanters

3.) Nature’s Table

4.) Elegant Persian

5.) Tropical Nuptials

6.) New England

7.) Elegance


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